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nurturing needles
I'm in love. With a female. Her name is Aurora, and she's a Dutch Warmblood cross. 16.2 hands tall, beautiful chestnut mare. And she's for LEASE! Robbie, Patty, ARE YOU READING THIS??? The ad says she's gentle, friendly, suitable for intermediate riders.And she excelled in the Sussex County Fair Horse Show! She lives in Franklin Lakes, hometown of my ex husband--but if you ask him, he'll claim he hails from Paterson instead. Never mind--I digress; I want to ride Aurora!

Moon and Sun
I am Lost
I'm so. damn. fucking. lost. I think I asked for help, but I don't remember. Maybe I didn't. Maybe I did, and it just doesn't matter because the person I asked is lost too. I want someone to lead. I want direction. I'm so tired of finding my own way. I'm so tired of trying to be strong.

new year's resolution
"to take things less seriously" -- how's that for a new year's resolution? .....but 'to take things less seriously', does that also mean 'to take things less sincerely'?

My Nitid Notebook
The Aurangabad Trip -
Part 1

This holiday was not supposed to happen. Our plans for a weekend break were surely too late in the day to succeed. After all, it was an extra-long weekend with 15th August falling on a Friday and the following Monday being a bank holiday on account of Navroze. A quick trawl of the travel websites threw up dead end after dead end; hotels were booked out, trains were not available and airfares were threatening to shoot beyond the atmosphere altogether. Then suddenly, things fell in place. We identified Aurangabad as the destination; a convenient base to explore Ajanta and Ellora. We discovered that the Jan Shatabdi express still had seats available. And finally, tucked away in a corner of TripAdvisor, we discovered a brand new hotel in town that still had a few rooms available! Sometimes a holiday will find you and arm-twist fate into removing the obstacles it had peevishly placed in your way! So we were set. After our Rajasthan... (more)

kabar buruk
Sebenarnya, aku lelah mendengar kabar buruk beruntun dari kamu. Kekurangan uang, utang menumpuk, kehujanan, lapar. Yang aku pikir, sebagian besar dari semua musibah itu harusnya bisa kamu hindari, selesaikan, atasi. Jadi plis, jangan selalu datang pada saya dengan keluhan dan kabar buruk. Sekali-kali kabarilah saya berita baik dan menyenangkan.

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